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Vignettes from the Story

Here are some bits to give a flavor of some of the scenes portrayed in the book. These aided me in "seeing" the story as I was writing it.

parade with horses
Street scene with flower stand - Copy
crab seller
Merchant ships unloading_cropped
Clay & butcher shop_cropped
trunk items from China
street peddlars_cropped
Chinese Six & club room copy
grocery store
Chinese Six & club room copy
opium smokers

Shu Wei's school in Sanhou, China (the town where he grew up)

flower vendor in San Francisco's Chinatown

some of the Occidental Home choir dressed up for a concert; a sampling of the music they sing is found on the Bejing Angellic Choir website: "Clear Moon, Quiet Winds," and "My Brother, Pu-Ru-Lai"

Donaldina Cameron (Grace Caldwell in the story) rescuing another girl

Donaldina Cameron(Grace Caldwell in the story), rear center, with her charges

children in the streets of Chinatown

The shrine where Shu Wei prays along with Brian O'Grady, a turning point in the story

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