Vignettes from the Story

Here are some bits to give a flavor of some of the scenes portrayed in the book. These aided me in "seeing" the story as I was writing it.

Shu Wei's school in Sanhou, China (the town where he grew up)

flower vendor in San Francisco's Chinatown

some of the Occidental Home choir dressed up for a concert; a sampling of the music they sing is found on the Bejing Angellic Choir website: "Clear Moon, Quiet Winds," and "My Brother, Pu-Ru-Lai"

Donaldina Cameron (Grace Caldwell in the story) rescuing another girl

children in the streets of Chinatown

The shrine where Shu Wei prays along with Brian O'Grady, a turning point in the story

Donaldina Cameron(Grace Caldwell in the story), rear center, with her charges