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Sanhou's Town Square
A young Shu Wei with his amah, Auntie Chun Dai
Leaving home


This is a story about strength of family and friendships, heartbreak, perseverance, and personal trauma. The setting is 1898. In his role as Town Scribe in the sleepy village of Sanhou, China, seventeen-year-old Shu Wei is caught up in an incident in the town square, which ultimately causes the family to be banished from the town.

The ensuing journey to San Francisco's Chinatown gives rise to the intrigue, mystery, and tension that only escalates the deeper the story goes. Shu Wei ultimately finds himself working for a local newspaper while he juggles the scurrilous demands and threats of Tong members as he attempts to restore his family's honor.


It is his growing experience as a cub reporter and writer that brings him the confidence to confront not only his own mortality but the brutal world around him.    



About the Story

the family home in Sanhou
A new home: San Franciso's Chinatown
 the City of Peking awaits Shu Wei
in Hong Kong for the trip across the ocean
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