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A Character Sampler

Below is a sampling of the characters found in the book

Shu Wei, the protagonist in Shu Wei's Revenge
Shu Wei

At seventeen, Shu Wei is at the center of "the incident" that triggered his family's uprooting and subsequent trauma. His role as town scribe in his home town of Sanhou, China will come in handy as he charts a new course in his new country.

Shu Lan-lan

Shu Wei's sister, Shu Lan-lan, struggles to make sense of her brother's mysterious withdrawal from the family. Only when she becomes involved in her work at the Occidental Home for Girls in San Francisco does she see value in her life.

Fan Ching

The editor of The Golden Hills' News, Lin Feng uses the paper as a vehicle for reform and a place for Shu Wei to start down his path of revenge.

Jun Min
Bo Cai

A girl rescued from her abusive captors and brought to the Occidental Home, Bo Cai has a story to tell and a fate that she cannot control.


The co-leader of the Hap Tran Tong, Jun Min draws Shu Wei into his dark web of slippery and ruthless dealings.

Grace runs the Occidental Home in San Francisco's Chinatown where her rescued girls find solace and protection.

Yong Qiang

The other leader of the Hap Tran Tong in Chinatown, he is a vicious schemer and uses Shu Wei for his nefarious purposes.

  Mei Huang

Mei Huang is the Associcate Editor of the newspaper; a key figure in Shu Wei's development as a reporter.

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