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As we move toward the chillier, shorter days of fall, it's time to pull up a comfy chair and hunker down with a good book.

If it has to be a Kindle or Nook, so be it (I am still fond of the book-in-hand versions). That special book can be found on blogs, web sites, in bookstores, or libraries (what I like to call the "art of book window shopping"). Speaking of blogs, I'd like to feature a person who, from the start, you can tell has a real passion for not only her own writing, but for others as well. Leigh Verrill-Rhys is a colleague of mine on the Indie Publishers Working Group at the Mechanics Institute Library

in San Francisco (above). Her blog is amazing. Okay, okay, she was nice enough to feature my book, but her site is a cornucopia of good reads and reviews. Check it out!

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